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A Pixel Art Community:

Quite possibly the official.

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Pixel Art
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Here is a community just for pixel art! Cute pixel art, Sprites, dolls, cliques AND TUTORIALS!! Anything that has to do with pixel art. We are here for you to have fun, and meet other people who have the same interest. We are also here for positive, constructive criticism, and to help others along. So go ahead, join and have some fun, learn and post your little hearts out.

- First and foremost: Don't steal peoples art. People post here for fun. And having art stolen is just not very fun at all! If you wish to use someones art, at least have the respect to ASK them.
- Please use the 'cut' code for pixel images over 400 pixels in length. Just being respectful of peoples friend pages, as well as dial-up users. To do this simple use this code (removes the spaces between the greater-than and less-than signs):
< lj-cut >, or < lj-cut text="Optional text here" >
- Be nice! If someone asks for help, or constructive criticism. Be friendly!
- Last but not least: Have fun.

- Mark's Pixel Tutorial
- Derek Yu

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игры, it

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